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Coronavirus and You

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All my co-workers are receiveing green humana mask in the mail. I just wondered  if every member will get one. 
in Coronavirus and You
I just received my masks in the mail. They are the most comfortable ones I have so far.  Only suggestion is I wish they were black with the green logo. That shade of green does not go with much of anything. Is it possible to purchase them in other colors. Maybe from the GO365 mall or just direct. But Thanks!  I love the fit 
in Coronavirus and You
I still have not received my safety kit and masks in spite of all other subscribers in my group receiving theirs. When should I expect to receive mine?
in Coronavirus and You
I don’t have symptoms but want to get tested to visit family. I signed up for rapid testing at an urgent care tomorrow that takes Humana, should I expect it to be at least partially covered? 
in Coronavirus and You
I am concerned about my husband having understanding and communication during his treatment while in the hospital alone due to Covid-19 restrictions. I am needing a patient advocate for guidance on this manner. 
in Coronavirus and You
I’ve heard Humana is sending out face masks to those insured through them. How do I get one since I have not received one yet?
in Coronavirus and You
Looking for one of the Humana masks that were sent to most members. My peers with Humana coverage received a nice mask in the mail... I did not and would like one. How can I get one? Thanks. 
in Coronavirus and You
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