Jody Bilney on how Humana harnesses data to promote health

Blog Post created by humanaadmin3 Moderator on Aug 3, 2018

Jody Bilney, Humana’s Chief Consumer Officer, spoke at The Economist’s Marketing Unbound in March about one of her favorite topics: connecting people to the right information to make health easier.


She discussed how Humana’s marketing and communications are designed to resonate with members and promote the shared goal of a healthier lifestyle.


The panel also included Connie Weaver, Chief Marketing Officer, TIAA, and Joseph Coughlin, Director, MIT AgeLab. They all sought to answer the question, “Is the audience always right?”


Jody’s answer? “Yes in intent, but not always in execution. In health care, people know what they need to do to be healthy, but it isn’t necessarily what we end up doing.”


For example, most people know it’s better to eat an apple instead of a cookie. But that may not always be the snack they reach for first.


So how can Humana effectively reach members to promote mutually beneficial healthy behavior?


Jody noted that one way is by harnessing data from wearable technology. Every fitness milestone you track or bit of health data you input into your device creates a benefit.


For all of us, it means tracking behaviors to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


For Humana, these devices provide a platform for reaching our members. Whether Humana uses the data from the devices to provide a fitness tip, healthy recipe or a reminder for a doctor’s visit, everyone wins when health is the outcome.


And, as Jody said, seniors use the same kinds of technology millennials do, making it easy to help members of all ages.