Eating Well While Dining Out

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Eating at a restaurant can offer a fun alternative to cooking at home. Restaurant food, while delicious, may have hidden health consequences. Next time you eat out, the following tips will help you do so without damaging your health or gaining weight.


Eat less. Many, if not most, restaurants serve unnecessarily large portions. If you share a main dish with a friend or only eat half and take the rest home, you’ll eat less while saving money. Since it can be tempting to eat everything on your plate, divide the food in half before you start eating and either push one half to the side or ask the server to box it immediately.


Savor your food. Eat small bites and pay attention to the taste and texture. Chew slowly and thoroughly. Put your fork down for a while between bites. Instead of watching the big game or a how while eating, staying focused on your food may help you feel satisfied while eating a smaller amount of food.


Say no to bread. It’s easy to scarf down multiple pieces of bread without even noticing while you’re waiting for your meal. This can add many calories that you weren’t planning to consume. If it’s okay with the people you’re eating with, ask the server not to bring bread to the table, or only to bring one piece for each person.


Fruits and veggies are your friends. Try to make fruits and vegetables a significant part of your meal. Whole fruits are better than fruit juices, which lack fiber. Vegetables are pretty much always a good idea, but watch out for vegetables sautéed in butter, cooked with oil, or covered with heavy sauces. Steamed vegetables are delicious. If you don’t want to eat them plain, ask for sauce on the side and use it sparingly.


Allow yourself the occasional (small) treat. Things we consider “treats” are sometimes empty calories and don’t have many nutrients. However, if you have a favorite food once in a while, it may help you eat well the rest of the time.


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