The power of environmental cues

Blog Post created by communitymanager Moderator on Dec 23, 2019

Creating the right environment for a healthy lifestyle is vital to your success. Check out our tips below for making healthy choices easy whether you’re at home, work, or out and about.


At home

  • Replace sugary or diet drinks with a pitcher of fruit-infused water or herbal tea. And keep a large glass on the kitchen counter always ready to fill.
  • Do a pantry make-over. Rid the house of all the chips, desserts, and other foods that may tempt you into an unplanned indulgence. If you are craving chocolate at 9 p.m. and don’t have it at home, chances are you won’t head out to get any. And keep fruit or veggie slices readily available instead.
  • Keep exercise equipment next to the TV. Watching TV is a perfect time to stretch, lift weights, or work on your core.  Place dumbbells,     exercise bands, and yoga mats in a handy location along with the routines written out so you don’t have to think about what to do next – you can just do it!
  • Place post-it notes around the house as reminders to take medicine or get active.  Then put others with motivational quotes and reminders of your “why” in other locations.
  • Lay out your exercise gear the night before so it’s sitting right there in     front of you the next day, a friendly reminder to get active.
  • Set the table for the next meal after eating. The more you eat at a table, the more you’ll appreciate each bite of food and notice sensations of fullness.


At work

  • Like  at home, keep healthy liquids handy. Carry a water bottle everywhere you go and refill it regularly. During cold weather, herbal tea is a great     alternative.
  • Schedule regular activity breaks. If you’re sitting all day, put “move sessions” on your calendar, whether they are walking meetings or walking breaks. If your job keeps you on your feet, schedule times for regular stretching or weight bearing exercises you can do in a chair.
  • Stay motivated with an inspiring screensaver, such as inspirational images or motivational quotes. Mix it up regularly for extra interest and meaning.
  • Donuts in the breakroom again?  Avoid tempting areas altogether if possible. Keep healthy snacks at your desk so you will have another option.
  • Pack a lunch. Mornings can be crazy so prep and pack your healthy foods the night before.  In the morning, you’ll have everything you need to keep your belt and your budget tight!


Out and about

  • Keep a healthy snack in your car or bag.  When you need some nutrition, you’ll have it handy instead of needing to stop for less healthy options.
  • Keep a gym bag with walking shoes and even workout clothes in your car. Having all your gear with you makes it that much easier to hit the gym or a park on the way home from work. Or even go for a short, impromptu walk!



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