Earth-friendly summer living: A new and different path for an adventurous summer

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When you think of summer, what inspires you? Maybe an outside picnic in the park, a barbecue with the neighbors on a sunny day or sitting poolside with a cool drink in your hand. Spending time outside is one of the many things that make summer feel like summer. You can create adventures and enjoy what our Earth has to offer.


This summer feels a little different due to COVID-19. There may be a new normal for summer activities. Some of our beaches may be restricted and festivals may be rescheduled. While this summer may involve a little more distance and more time inside, there are still ways you can create adventure and fun socially distant activities outside, all while keeping them Earth-friendly to support our planet.


Earth-friendly ways to spend your summer:


Waste less

  • Use reusable grocery bags when headed to the grocery store or local farmer’s market. One plastic bag takes 10-20 or more years to decompose.
  • Buy only what you will use. You’ll save money and throw less away. Plus, buying food locally is another good way to support local businesses.
  • Less plastic equals a happier Earth! Ditch your plastic utensils and dishware this summer. Also, recycle when you can. Place your plastic bottles, cans and glass in your recycling bin or local recycling area for proper disposal so it doesn’t sit on the Earth’s surface for a while.
  • Use a non-chemical sunscreen. Chemicals in regular sunscreen pollute your skin and harm the environment when you swim. Switch to a natural sunscreen.


Do more outside

  • Go on walks or hikes with people in your immediate household. Or meet up with a friend and take a socially-distanced walk.
  • Read a book outside in a local park, or on your patio or balcony for fresh air.
  • Do yoga or meditate outside in the morning.
  • If your local beach or park is open, participate in clean-up events.


Adventure differently

  • Lend a helping hand. Whether you’re volunteering with an organization or bringing groceries to someone staying at home, your helping hand can make someone’s day.
  • Get lost in memories. Print out pictures of great memories you’ve had and try scrapbooking them. Or create a memory board for an event you enjoyed, like a concert or music festival.
  • Create an inspiration (or vision) board. Find images and quotes that inspire you from magazines, online or texts that you’ve received and place them on a bulletin board. Display it where you’ll see it often to inspire yourself!
  • Make a recipe using food items and ingredients in your house. Or, try having a fun and friendly competition with friends or family to bake something without a recipe to see whose tastes the best!
  • Spend a whole day outside. Try to spend an entire day outside your home: Laying in a hammock, going on a hike, visiting the lake or even relaxing with a book. At night, go stargazing and identify constellations!


No matter where you are working this summer, consider eco-friendly ways to get there.


If you’re an essential worker, consider these ideas before your next morning commute. If you’re still working from home, remember these eco-friendly tips when you return to work.


  • Bike or walk if you live close enough
  • Carpool with trusted coworkers who live nearby
  • Walk to lunch instead of driving
  • Take public transportation while wearing a mask and socially distancing where possible


You can make an impact this summer by living eco-friendly. Some simple changes in your life can make a huge impact on the environment, and you can get creative with what adventure means to you through these changes. Make your own Earth-friendly adventures this summer!




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