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Humana can kiss my *** with their phone service. Just get me a human voice instead of going through prompt after prompt after prompt...only to discover that the automated voice cannot respond or forward me to what I'm looking for.  The WORST experience (and I've had some bad ones).      I hope this goes up the chain because I can only imagine… (Show more)
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The site to use for federal benefits, mycompbenefits, is absolutely terrible. Navigation is not intuitive, the site lacks general organization, and never provides information needed, yet all links from Humana redirect to that site for coverage information.  
When I try to view my spending account data I get this error message: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK__#account__XXXX'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.#accounts'. The duplicate key value is (62709, T01417). The statement has been terminated. I removed my account number and replaced it with XXXX.   How do I submit a support… (Show more)
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HSA account has been locked, is there a way to get the password reset?
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I have been with Humana for years, and know what my username and password are. Suddenly they do not open my account (meaning, there is zero information there). I have contacted Humana 3 times in the last two months, with a case opened again and again, with promises that "it will work in a few days." It does not. Ever. I have NEVER been unable to… (Show more)
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We took my daughter to the emergency room last fall to an in-network provider and met our deductible.  However, I received a bill from the doctors group that treated my daughter and apparently they are out-of-network.  I don't understand how I can be expected to pay that bill after I met my deductible and nowhere was I told that the doctors that… (Show more)
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In 2019 I had Humana through my employer. I recently received a letter stating my coverage had stopped in July 2019. I was unaware of this, because my paychecks show money was still being taken out for health insurance through December 2019. Was I not covered between August 2019 through December 2019? If so, how do I get a refund. Or who do I… (Show more)
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Healthy Eating card is not working at Walmart.  I always use my card, but on Nov 24, 2019 I could not get the card to work. I tried my card and the app to receive my monthly discount (10% for Nov).  I was disappointed that it would not work.  What's going on with my account?
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