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Thank you for being an active user within our online Community. Effective Saturday, 10/24/2020, we are transitioning to a new platform.


The new platform offers an enhanced search functionality, chatter feed (see what others are saying), recommended content, heightened gamification, and more!


You can access the NEW! Community content and gain support from our moderation team via the footer (towards bottom of page) within your MyHumana Portal.


Join us in the excitement and our new adventure!


Thank you,


Your Community Team


Topic: Medicare 101 Education – “It doesn’t have to be confusing”
Host: Engagement Source
Date: Thursday, October 29, 2020
Time: 3:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)


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Salesforce Communities will be live soon! We will soon be migrated to the Salesforce platform, with a motivational design focused on new member features, including: Recommended Content, Engagement and Collaboration, with incentivized points and badges.



Check out the document below for an additional sneak preview!


We are in the process of moving from our current platform (Jive) to the Salesforce platform. This will allow for a more omni-channel experience for you.


It is our mission to create thriving digital communities which harness the integration and knowledge of our Omni-channel experience to foster for consumers the ability to find answers, engage with others and embrace Humana as a health partner for life. The communities will inspire consumers to engage with each other, collaborate and help find information appropriate for their needs.


The new platform offers an enhanced search functionality, chatter feed (see what others are saying), recommended content, heightened gamification, and more! 


Join us in the excitement and our new adventure!

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9. From here, you are prompted to create a new password


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There is a wide variety of general and member-specific information available on Members can see the following information on

View claim status (Medical, Dental, and Pharmacy)

Learn about Health Programs

Learn more about their health or other ailments

Order ID cards (excluding HumanaOne)

View ID card (excluding Humana Specialty Benefits)

Print a Letter of Coverage or certificate

Download an Explanation of Benefits

View letters sent to members

Note: The list is not all inclusive. houses all the options for members on the website


For a member to gain access to MyHumana, they are required to register. Once registered, members can log on to MyHumana with their User ID and password.



It is important to keep your User ID and password available for future reference. You will need this information to access information in the secured sites of


1. Visit 

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3. Scroll to the link “Not Registered” and click Register Now


4. Stay on the Member Tab and click Get Started


5. Enter your member information and click Continue

6. On the next page, you will create a username and password within the criteria listed


Register via the Mobile App:

1. Download the MyHumana app via your app store.

2. Click on the link for Register for MyHumana

3. This will bring you to the pages as listed above


Recommendations and Reasons on why/when to where face masks:


• The virus can spread between people interacting in close proximity (ex: speaking, coughing, or sneezing), even if those people are not exhibiting symptoms.

• The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends wearing cloth face coverings when:
.   -   In public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (ex: grocery stores and                    pharmacies), especially in areas of significant community-based transmission
   -   Showing symptoms of the Coronavirus to help prevent the spread of the disease to others
   -   Working as a health workers or taking care of someone in a close setting.


If you are wanting to find out more information regarding mask use, check out the CDC's website for more details at,  or check with your healthcare provider.

Telehealth, also known as virtual visits or telemedicine, makes it easy to access care from a board-certified doctor, via a secure video or phone appointment, from your home or on the go. Doctors may even be able to prescribe medication.


Telehealth services can be rendered using visual and audio (web cam, FaceTime, etc.) or audio only (phone call)


Here are some things to know in relation to the Coronavirus:




•Member cost share is waived for par/participating providers for COVID-19 services.
•Humana will also cover out-of-network telehealth claims related to COVID-19 services.

   (If you were to see a non-Par provider for a non COVID related visit, you would be responsible for their copayment/cost share; if it is COVID related and non-par/participating, it is waived).
• Medical necessity, as well as applicable CMS guidelines and other plan rules will continue to apply. 


COVID Testing:


• Telehealth providers can create an order for local COVID testing, if deemed necessary. They may also refer members to seek local testing resources.
- DOD (Doctor on Demand) will help find a testing location.
- Any other Telehealth provider could, but is at their discretion.
• Telehealth providers can not guarantee local testing locations will have tests and/or have capacity to complete the testing.
• You can also check with your state or local health department, or health provider for approved local testing sites, due to the potential for fraud.


How to register/receive care:


Phone Apps:

You can download the telehealth app on your phone:

   • For Apple phones, search in the App Store.
   • For Android phones, search in the Google Play Store.

      - For Doctor on Demand (Commercial/Employer Group plans), search for Doctor on Demand (with spaces).


More information can be found here:


Doctor on Demand (Employer Group Members):

Doctor on Demand 


Your primary care provider:

Some primary care physicians have the technology necessary to perform telehealth services. However, we do not have this information available to us.  You would want to contact the physician's office to determine whether telehealth services are available.


Potential for longer wait times:


• Due to the safety benefits of seeing a telehealth provider during the coronavirus outbreak, more patients than normal are using telehealth services, This increase has led to longer than usual wait times.

• If unsure of how long you can wait, scheduling a visit may be a better option.

• Callers can receive a message that the telehealth provider is not taking additional patients, and then be disconnected.       When disconnected, please try back periodically until you are placed in the queue.


Check out this link for more information:


Expanded Telehealth Coverage During Coronavirus Pandemic - Humana 

1099s are only issued if there were HSA disbursements (money used) during the tax year. The 5498 will be available beginning in May, but is not needed to file taxes.


If you had a health savings account (HSA) in 2019, your IRS 1099-SA Tax Form will be available by the end of January. You will receive an alert when your tax form is ready. If you chose to receive your form by mail, you will receive a printed copy to your mailing address in early February.


If you elected to receive your statement electronically, you can view, download and print it from this portal:


From the home page, (The HumanaAccess site Homepage - Humana Access Spending Accounts) click on Health Savings Accounts listed in the “Your Accounts” box, Select Tax Forms




My Accounts - Benefit Account Summary - Account Resources Line, then click Tax Forms.

Click 1099-SA_1 to view, download or print your 2019 tax form.


NOTE: If your 2019 HSA distributions were $0, meaning you did not spend any HSA funds in 2019, you will not be issued a 1099-SA.

You may be accustomed to shortening the year when you write out a date on a document - like 1/30/20 - but you might want to think twice before you abbreviate the year 2020. 


Abbreviating 2020 on checks or contracts could expose your to fraud risk. Bad actors are constantly looking for ways to alter documents for personal gain. The year 2020 presents an easy opportunity for fraudsters as the abbreviated form of the year allows a bad actor to fraudulently manipulate the duration of a contract or date on a check.


For example, if you write 1/1/20, it can easily be changed to 1/1/2021 and extend the life of a check or contract without your knowledge. Protect yourself by taking the extra second to write out the entire 2020 year.



For more information, check out this recent CNN article

You receive Form 1095 annually. Form 1095 provides proof of health coverage for you and any covered dependents for the applicable months/year.


Members on an Individual Health plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace (HIM) receive Form 1095-A from CMS.


Members on an Individual Health plan that is not part of the Federal Marketplace Exchange receives Form 1095-B from Humana.


Members on a Fully Insured Commercial Health Plan receive Form 1095-B from Humana.


Members on an ASO/Self-Insured Commercial Health Plan receive Form 1095-C from their Employer.



You do not have to wait for either Form 1095-B or 1095-C from your coverage provider or employer to file your individual income tax return. You can use other forms of documentation, in lieu of the Form 1095 information returns to prepare your tax return. Other forms of documentation that provide proof of your insurance coverage include:

Insurance cards,
Explanation of Benefits (EOB),
Statements from your insurer,
W-2 or payroll statements reflecting health insurance deductions,
Records of advance payment of the premium tax credit, and
Other statement including that you, or a member of your family, had healthcare coverage.


If you and your entire family are covered for the entire year, check the full-year coverage box on your return. If you or your family members did not have coverage for one or more months of the calendar year, you can claim an exemption or make an individual shared responsibility payment.


You do not need to send the IRS proof of your health coverage. However, keep any documentation with your other tax records such as records of your family's employer-provided coverage, premiums paid, and type of coverage.


Pharmacy Resources

Posted by communitymanager Moderator Nov 19, 2019

You probably have questions about when it’s the right time to start considering a Medicare plan. Maybe you’re still working and don’t have any plans to retire, but you’re close to turning 65, or you’re past your 65th birthday.

Questions you may have are:

  • Is Medicare better than my group plan coverage?
  • I'm not retiring, should I still consider a Medicare plan?
  • Will I save money switching to Medicare?
  • Can I keep my doctor if I switch plans?
  • Is there a Medicare enrollment period I need to be aware of?
  • When should I start planning my retirement Healthcare?
  • What kind of wellness programs do Humana Medicare plans offer?

We want you to have all the tools and resources you need so you can make a decision that’s best for you and your healthcare needs.

Resources just for you:

  1. Meet with a local licensed Humana Medicare sales agent when and where it’s convenient for you.

    Set up a meeting
  2. If you prefer to talk over the phone about your Medicare options, call our toll-free number to speak to a licensed Medicare sales agent.
    Call: 855-458-4820 (8am – 6pm EST. M- F. TTY: 711)
  3. Plan for Medicare – Understand Your Options(link opens in new window)
    This booklet will provide you with a complete overview of your Medicare options. It covers costs, enrollment details, the “coverage gap,” special needs plans and more. Download it today and read it at your convenience.