A story from one of our own!

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November 07, 2018

Know your numbers. We hear that a lot. But what happens when that statement becomes all too real? Well, one Humana Employer Group associate found out recently and it helped save a member’s life.


Working as a Consumer Engagement Professional in Phoenix, Zoila's role is to engage group commercial clients in Go365. This can often be challenging when employers don’t understand the return on investment (ROI) or the employees don’t understand the value the program offers.


As part of that role, Zoila sets up an onsite biometric screening at these employers’ offices to meet with our members and share the benefits of Go365.

Recently, while at an on-site event for a small group, Zoila was able to engage with several employees, get them signed up for Go365 and have them take their biometrics to earn the first of their points. At the end of the day, while packing up, a member came by and asked if he could do his biometric screening. Never one to turn down a member, Zoila gladly helped him.


The on-site nurse began the screening and soon became concerned while taking the member’s blood pressure. To be sure, she checked his blood pressure on his other arm. His readings were 248/143 and 258/143, respectively. The nurse knew right away that our member was in danger of a heart attack.

The member was advised to go to the Emergency Room immediately. There, he was treated right away and had to be administered IV fluids to bring his blood pressure down. He was then admitted to the hospital where he spent three days in ICU.


His doctor was stunned and didn’t know how he made it to the ER in time and that he was still alive.


Having concern for the member, Zoila called to check in on him. During that call, the member said, “Thank you for saving my life.”


The member was very thankful to Humana for hosting the onsite biometric screening that saved his life. He assumed what he was feeling was stress related to work.


Now when people ask Zoila what is the ROI for participating in Go365, her answer is simple, “You can save an employee’s life, there is no better ROI than a life!”