Virtual Visits - Coronavirus

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Telehealth, also known as virtual visits or telemedicine, makes it easy to access care from a board-certified doctor, via a secure video or phone appointment, from your home or on the go. Doctors may even be able to prescribe medication.


Telehealth services can be rendered using visual and audio (web cam, FaceTime, etc.) or audio only (phone call)


Here are some things to know in relation to the Coronavirus:




•Member cost share is waived for par/participating providers for COVID-19 services.
•Humana will also cover out-of-network telehealth claims related to COVID-19 services.

   (If you were to see a non-Par provider for a non COVID related visit, you would be responsible for their copayment/cost share; if it is COVID related and non-par/participating, it is waived).
• Medical necessity, as well as applicable CMS guidelines and other plan rules will continue to apply. 


COVID Testing:


• Telehealth providers can create an order for local COVID testing, if deemed necessary. They may also refer members to seek local testing resources.
- DOD (Doctor on Demand) will help find a testing location.
- Any other Telehealth provider could, but is at their discretion.
• Telehealth providers can not guarantee local testing locations will have tests and/or have capacity to complete the testing.
• You can also check with your state or local health department, or health provider for approved local testing sites, due to the potential for fraud.


How to register/receive care:


Phone Apps:

You can download the telehealth app on your phone:

   • For Apple phones, search in the App Store.
   • For Android phones, search in the Google Play Store.

      - For Doctor on Demand (Commercial/Employer Group plans), search for Doctor on Demand (with spaces).


More information can be found here:


Doctor on Demand (Employer Group Members):

Doctor on Demand 


Your primary care provider:

Some primary care physicians have the technology necessary to perform telehealth services. However, we do not have this information available to us.  You would want to contact the physician's office to determine whether telehealth services are available.


Potential for longer wait times:


• Due to the safety benefits of seeing a telehealth provider during the coronavirus outbreak, more patients than normal are using telehealth services, This increase has led to longer than usual wait times.

• If unsure of how long you can wait, scheduling a visit may be a better option.

• Callers can receive a message that the telehealth provider is not taking additional patients, and then be disconnected.       When disconnected, please try back periodically until you are placed in the queue.


Check out this link for more information:


Expanded Telehealth Coverage During Coronavirus Pandemic - Humana