• Submit a claim

    Can I upload a dental claim to you?  I have already met my deductible so I am wondering if Humana will pick up any of it?
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  • I need a deep cleaning and need coverage. Can you provide this?

    Help. I need coverage for periodontal disease and a deep cleaning. I don’t want my teeth to fall out! Please help!
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  • My son needs medically necessary dental work extractions and impacted teeth. Would his medical insurance cover any of the costs?

    My son needs extensive dental care it is affecting his health and causing infection after infection. He requires surgical removal and bone graphs it is a medically necessary procedure would it be covered by his medica...
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  • Need help finding a PCP I need to follow up with the doctor after after being discharged from ER on Friday

    I need to follow up with Adult Pyelonephritis for my kidney infection and I also tested for covid-19 I was to see the Dr in a week 
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  • Orthodontic records not covered?

    My daughter has begun seeing an orthodontist to plan for braces, but they say before they can do anything else, she needs to have a set of "records" created (they described it like photos + molds + possibly x-rays), a...
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  • Do you offer coverage for Botox injections used to treat migraines caused by TMJ?

    I have exhausted all treatment options for my TMJ symptoms and the weekly migraines experienced as a result of having it. I tried Botox injections several years ago and paid out of pocket because my insurance at the t...
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  • Where is the guide for dental prices? How much does a crown cost etc.

    Isn’t there a price guide somewhere?
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  • Does my insurance cover out of network dentist

    Out of network coverage
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  • coverage for orthodontic services

    Do I have coverage for orthodontic services (Invisalign) with my account?
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  • Lost Humana mail with Dental Member ID and need a new one

    The Humana mail I received with my Member ID was lost and I can't enter it into my account. How do I get another mailed to me? 
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  • I updated my address months ago, however, it is still shown as pending on the website.  Can you help me get this updated so that any mail will come to the correct address?

    I updated my address months ago, however, it is still shown as pending on the website. Can you help me get this updated so that any mail will come to the correct address?
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    Well I got a 1095B.... And a1095C..... Unfortunatly I never got the 1095A!!!!  Which apparently is the one I need!!! I only need 1 answer off of the stupid thing.. Ive been all over humana as well as other sites....
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  • I faxed a quote from my dentist. I do not see any info RE: Quote on my homepage.

    I need some dental work done. I received a quote from my dentist with CPT codes and I faxed this to Humana Claims but I have not heard anything back about it
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  • email urgent inquiry department

    How do I email Stephanie Wells of the Urgent Inquiry Department?  There is no message center available. 
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  • Why am I unable to make automatic payments?

    I created my account for MyHumana and I am still greeted with this message after 2 months: "Thank you for choosing Humana. We’re excited to have you as a member.*   We’ll have your MyHumana site rea...
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  • Is Wal_Mart  still a part of your Healthy foods network?

    I would like to request an email attachment be sent to me outlining the list of benefits and member providers of services. i am particularly interested in finding out exactly when your organization allows medicare/med...
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  • how do i pay my dental premuim online

    trying to find a link to pay my premium online but haven't been sucessful
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  • how do I assign dental provider to my insurance?

    How do I assign a dental provider to my insurance so I can be seen?
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  • Massages

    Will Humana cover a certain number of massages throughout the year?    Or would Humana cover facial massages for TMJ/TMD if recommended by a doctor?
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  • Dental Billing Question

    When paying for dental services (fillings), if the patient share is $28 and there are two fillings, should the total OOP cost be $56 or $125 (the patient share plus $75 deductible)? Thank you for any clarification you...
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