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Taking Control of Cost

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There was a notice that charges with in-network healthcare, including behavioral health, would be covered due to COVID-19 if they were through telemedicine. 
in Taking Control of Cost
I've confirmed our benefits for medical diagnostic lab is "Co-Insurance Preventive 100.00%" and that the provider is in-network. Our doctor is telling us our co-pay is $1000. Why?
in Taking Control of Cost
My doctor is Ob-Gyn who did a colposcopy last week and ordered a Vaginal Ultrasound to diagnose. What does Humana cover. 
in Taking Control of Cost
I’m wondering if oral devices are covered under dental or medical insurance.
in Taking Control of Cost
My husband will be on medical FMLA following a radical nephrectomy for cancer for at least 6 weeks. We want to make insurance premium payments so his coverage doesn’t lapse. How do we go about doing this ? We live in SE WI.
in Taking Control of Cost
All of a sudden, I am having to pay a huge out of pocket amount for my birth control. I was paying 0 dollars for it and now I went to get it and had to pay $240 out of pocket. I checked the cost checker tool on here and it said I should be paying 0. I cannot afford $240 dollars every 3 months when I am used to paying nothing. Why did this change?… (Show more)
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