Get the most from your medicines

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Be proactive


Your doctor has prescribed medications for a reason—to help you stay healthy! Forgetting even one dose per week can affect how well your medicine works. Taking your medicines as directed may help you avoid costly medical issues down the road*.


Easy ways to remember your meds


Put your meds in an easy-to-find spot where you’ll be sure to see them, such as your kitchen counter or nightstand.

  • Make it a habit: Take your medicines at the same time as you do other tasks, such as brushing your teeth or getting dressed in the morning. Or set an alarm to go off at the same time every day as a reminder. Set several alarms if you take medicines throughout the day.
  • Stay organized: You can use a pill organizer to organize your pills by time of day or day of week to remember your medication. For medicines you don’t take every day, add a sticker on your calendar on the days you’re supposed to take them.
  • Sign up for automatic refills: Many pharmacies, like Humana Pharmacy, offer automatic refills on your medicines. Your pharmacy may even call your doctor’s office for you if your prescription has expired and it’s time for a refill.
  • Use a mail-order pharmacy: Mail-order pharmacies, like Humana Pharmacy, can help make sure you have your medicines when you need them.




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