• Does the Vision Plan send Refund Checks for claims that were processed?

    I received a Refund Check and I would like to know if it is a valid check before I deposit the check.
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  • print my id card

    how do i print my id card
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  • where to get sleep supplies

    #Where to get in network medical supplies?
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  • How do I a Dr's wrongful fees?

    North Atlanta Psychiatrist charged me for a ridiculous no show fee after I called first thing in the morning. Office staff failed to advise me of the $ of the so called no show fee. They expected for me to remember wh...
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  • Where can I order a replacement Healthy Foods Card?

    Where can I order a replacement Healthy Foods Card? I have not been able to locate the appropriate Customer Service number. Thanks!
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  • Where can I get a claim form?

    Where can I get a claim form?
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  • healthy food card

    I tried to use my healthy food card at WalMart and it said something about the site being down or something like that.  I don't think I've already used it for this month.  Should I wait till next month?
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  • where can i use my healthy foods card?

    I want to be able to use my healthy foods card but I don't know what stores I can shop at.
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  • 1095 form

    I have gone though all my mail from you and still haven't found the 1095 form I need for filing taxes.     How do I get my 1095?
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  • what is coinsurance?

    My policy says some things are covered at 30% coinsurance.  What does that mean with and without a copay?
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  • Back surgery spine fusion

    My wife has to have a spinal fusion in her lumbar spine any idea what this intel’s ?
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  • Does Humana offer vision insurance

    Looking for vision insurance and wonder if Humana offers vision insurance
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  • I need to get the summary of premiiums paid in 2019

    Where can I find the total amount paid in 2019 for monthly premiums?
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  • Smart Summary

    Need copy of 2019 smart summary
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  • Birth class, doula, pregnancy and postpartum PT

    On the high deductible plan, are doula services, birth classes, pregnancy and postpartum physical therapy covered or do they go toward my deductible?
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  • Old EOB

    How do I get an EOB for 2016 and 2017? I am trying to reclaim an out of network payment that is being settled in  Court. These are not accessible online.
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  • counseling

    I need family counseling for myself and children
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  • Are vasectomies covered?

    Are vasectomies covered 
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  • Where's is e-pay?

    I want to pay a bill on line. Where is e-pay?
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  • I need  smart summary

    I need a copy of my Smart Summary; payments made for 2019
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