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Do I have to get a referral from my PCP before going to a Podiatrist? Will my insurance cover a visit to a Podiatrist or what can I expect cost wise? Also: In general, what does my plan cover? Does it cover my annual woman's visit? Does it cover annual labs, like: metabolic markers, a complete metabolic panel, inflammatory markers, essential… (Show more)
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Humana’s online Find a Doctor tool lets you search for in-network doctors, specialists, retail clinics, urgent care centers, and other healthcare providers. Using the Find a Doctor tool is easy. All you need to know is the type of coverage and health plan you have, the ZIP code where you want to get health care, and the type of provider or…
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in Using Your Insurance
how do i receive my gift card for telehealth appt
in Using Your Insurance
6 inch laceration needed repair at the er is it covered
in Using Your Insurance
Hello! I can’t see my medical and pharmacy claims. In addition, I can’t download my data (blue button). It’s been months that I’m having this problem in the website and in myHumana app. I’ve deleted and re-install the myHumana app, did the updates. NOTHING WORKED. I’ve called the Humana customer service, technical support & website developer’s… (Show more)
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I have been trying to log into my account via for 3 days and but keep getting the message 'temporarily unavailable'.  When will it start working again?  
in Using Your Insurance
I get so much paper mail from Humans it is crazy how many trees they kills sending me this information. How do I opt out?
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