• I am considering the Osia System Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (procedure #69714).  What coverage is provided?

    Before the schedule the implant and purchase of the device, I need to know what the out-of-pocket costs will be.
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  • How do I get an ID card?

    How do I get an ID card?
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  • Specialist Coverage & General Coverage, What does my plan cover?

    Do I have to get a referral from my PCP before going to a Podiatrist? Will my insurance cover a visit to a Podiatrist or what can I expect cost wise? Also: In general, what does my plan cover? Does it cover my annu...
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  • How to Use the Find a Doctor Tool

    Open video

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  • so you havw to have a PCP before you go to a specialist

    so do you have to have  a PCP before you can go to a specialist
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  • gift card for telehealth

    how do i receive my gift card for telehealth appt
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  • are er visits covered

    6 inch laceration needed repair at the er is it covered
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  • Can’t see medical/pharmacy claims at all

    Hello! I can’t see my medical and pharmacy claims. In addition, I can’t download my data (blue button). It’s been months that I’m having this problem in the website and in myHumana app. I’...
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  • My member log in is not working

    I have been trying to log into my account via humana.com for 3 days and but keep getting the message 'temporarily unavailable'.  When will it start working again?  
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  • Does my plan cover a vasectomy for birth control purposes 

    I’m wondering if my plan covers this procedure 
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  • How do I opt out of the mailings

    I get so much paper mail from Humans it is crazy how many trees they kills sending me this information. How do I opt out?
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  • What providers are in my network?

    What providers are in my network?
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  • My son turns 26 in August. Will his coverage extend through the end of the year, or will it terminate immediately?

    My son turns 26 in August and is on my employee provided “HUMANA/CHOICECARE NETWORK PPO” plan. Will his coverage extend through the end of the year, or will it terminate immediately?
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  • Infertility

    Does my coverage cover any type of infertility?
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  • Does my plan cover any baratric surgery?

    I can no open up my benefits from my phone but I am just wondering if my plan covers bariatric surgery or lap band or rx for weight ?
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  • Physical Therapy

    My doctor has ordered physical therapy to evaluate & treat due to low back pain. Order says frequency 3x’s. Duration says for 6wk. Is this covered? What will my out of pocket cost be? Is it a one time charge...
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  • Will humana cover Willow or Elvie breast pump?

    I am due with my second baby in April. I am trying to figure out if Humana will partially or fully cover the Willow or Elvie breast pump. Thank you!
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  • insurance cards and HSA cards

    I have not yet received my new 2020 HSA cards or my medical/pharmacy & vision cards.  I am just wondering when I will be receiving them.  I assume I should have already received them a while ago.
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  • Changing my PCD

    I have had my coverage since 2017 and have moved from my previous address. The PCD I have is no longer near me and I would like to change to a dentist office near me that is available under my coverage. How can I do t...
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  • How do I re-add my daughter to my plan?  She was on it before, but I didn't realize it didn't continue. 

    I'd like a family dentist.  
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