How to Participate in the Community

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Like Content so Others Know it's Useful

Good content deserves attention. You can help improve the popularity of an article, question, or comment by liking it. Whenever you see a Like link, you can click it to give instant feedback.



Helpful Answers

When the Humana team answers your questions, they will mark their reply as Correct Answer to indicate the official response to a question and assist other members in finding solutions to similar questions.


However, all members of the community are encouraged to mark answers to questions as Helpful to let others know that a particular comment or reply contains helpful information and assisted them in answering a question.


To mark a reply or comment as helpful, select Helpful in the lower right corner of the reply and comment. Upon marking it helpful, a notification will appear indicating that one person found it helpful. If another member has already indicated a reply or comment was helpful, the count of people that found it helpful will increase by one.




Your opinion matters! Respond to a question, Idea, article, or another comment by clicking the green Add a Comment button.

How to Respond to an Article or Question



Your opinion matters!

We want to know what you think of the new Humana Community.

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