Blue button: Accessing your personal health data is easy as 1-2-3

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Think of all the times you sat in a waiting room at a doctor’s office. As you filled out the necessary paperwork, you may have blanked at the exact date of a certain surgery you had a few months ago or struggled to spell the name of a prescription you can’t even pronounce.


We don’t all know our medical records like the backs of our hands.


Blue Button was added to so you can view, print, and download your personal health data (such as lab or prescription history). It simplifies your individual health experience and lets you take charge of your health.



The enhanced Blue Button will allow you:

  • Easy access to your health information report 24/7 via Humana’s secured website.
  • To view your medical activity dating back 365 days.
  • To review your records for accuracy.
  • The ability to select health information by category and date including: Current conditions, prescription history, lab history and results, and hospital admissions/re-admissions and emergency room visits.
  • To share your health report with your primary care physician (PCP), family members or trusted caregivers.
  • To provide your medical history to a new doctor or specialist.


Now, with the addition of Blue Button to MyHumana, personal health data of up to a year is accessible  via web and mobile to members* in just a few clicks. You can access your health information in three easy steps:


  1. Select time frame (up to a full year).
  2. Select information such as: current conditions, prescription history, lab history and results, as well as hospital admissions/re-admissions and emergency room visits.
  3. View, print or download a PDF of your personal health data.


With the PDF download option, you now have the ability to share your personal health data with trusted healthcare providers, family, and caregivers.


* Health records are only available for members, not their dependents.


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