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Live better with a chronic condition


If you have a health condition such as asthma, diabetes, arthritis, or heart disease, you may feel overwhelmed at times. You may worry a lot or have “down” feelings that make it harder to take good care of yourself.


You’re not alone. It’s a common experience in people facing serious or chronic health problems.

Humana Achieve℠ is here to help.


We’re an integrated program that combines medical and behavioral support to help you cope with these feelings and start taking better care of your health. You’ll connect with a Humana Achieve advocate – a trained clinician – who can help empower you to find solutions, help remove barriers, and answer your questions. It’s true “mind-body” approach.


If you’re a Humana member, and your employer offers Humana Achieve, you may be eligible to participate in this free program.


Could HumanaAchieve℠ be helpful for me?

The thoughts and feelings listed below are common for people facing a serious or chronic illness. If any of these concerns feel familiar to you, you may benefit from the Humana Achieve program.


  • Low energy level “I don’t feel rested after a night’s sleep.” “I wish I could lose some weight and have more energy.”
  • Anxiety “I worry about things too much.” “I tend to avoid having to make even small decisions.”
  • Lack of focus “I seem to have a difficult time concentrating at work or home.”
  • Loss of interest “Things just aren’t as enjoyable as they once were.”
  • Pessimism “I can’t do it.” “My situation is hopeless.”


How HumanaAchieve℠ works

You’ll have an advocate, a clinical expert with special training in behavioral health, who can talk to you on the phone to assist you in finding solutions. Your advocate will help you find the right health care professionals, educate yourself about your health and the resources available to you, and develop a personalized treatment plan that you can follow. It’s a personalized approach, based on your needs and preferences. Your advocate chealthyan support you to:

  • Learn more about your health condition(s)
  • Discover small daily changes that can improve your health
  • Identify underlying thoughts or ideas that may get in the way of your ability to make changes that you really want to make
  • Champion prior successes and personal strengths
  • Identify thoughts or stress triggers that are obstacles to reaching your optimal health
  • Explore how to become a more active participant in your health
  • Become more confident in talking with your doctor(s) about your health concerns
  • Take full advantage of your Humana health plan benefits.


We don’t replace your doctors. You should follow the advice and direction your doctors give to you. Your advocate can help you work with your doctors so you get the care you need.


Managing chronic health conditions isn’t easy. Humana Achieve is here to help.


How to enroll

  • For more details about Humana Achieve, call toll-free at 1 - 800 - 777 - 6330, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday. If you use a TTY, call 711.
  • For helpful tools and resources, log on to MyHumana


Programs and tools described are not insurance or insured benefits. Program offerings are subject to change or may be discontinued, without notice and at any time. Humana is not required to offer these programs and tools, but makes them available to eligible members at no additional cost.