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What happens to a baby's expenses if they are not added to the mother's health plan?

Question asked by Aka3605012166 on Apr 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by communitymanager

Mom and Dad each have separate health coverage through their employers. Mom has a Humana plan. Dad has a plan through another provider.


It's time for delivery and Mom goes to an in network hospital. Mom and baby are cared for in the hospital for a few days.


Parents decide to put baby on dad's health plan.


1) Does the baby's expenses while in the hospital for the delivery have any coverage from mom's Humana plan even if the baby is never enrolled in the Humana plan under maternity benefits? I understand there is a time frame to enroll the baby, but my question is if there is coverage if the baby is not enrolled in the Humana plan for the baby's initial childbirth expenses. I've reviewed the Summary Plan Description and see the things that are covered for a baby's childbirth, but don't know if that only applies if the baby becomes a member within the initial 30 days or so.


2) If the Mom's plan provides coverage for a non-enrolled baby during the hospitalization of the mom for delivery, what is covered and what is not?


3) If Mom's plan does provide some coverage for the non-enrolled baby, is there a coordination of benefits once the baby is enrolled in dad's plan? If so, how does that work?