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Basic treatment denials

Question asked by Aka102102122888 on Sep 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by communitymanager

I received a letter from my provider that says they are disputing a denial with Humana for his treatment of his autism, thus far.

Since Humana is a wellness company, why are the treatments being denied?  I am lucky in that he is almost considered a normal child and is expected to catch up within 2 years with his early intervention, but Humana denies ABA therapy, which is considered the most effective treatment for autism by all pediatricians and autism experts and Humana is quick to deny those very important wellness treatments and now is denying basic treatments that are necessary to help him catch up with kids his age.

What exactly does Humana cover, if anything at all?

Is Humana truly a wellness company or just for those with great health and no issues to report?


I am frustrated, but hopeful that this will bring some clarity and maybe some reform for families in a similar situation.