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Question asked by aka512183939688 on Jan 9, 2019
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My minor son was transported via ambulance following an accident on the soccer field.  This injury left him in need of reconstructive facial surgery.  I am being billed by Hillsborough County Fire Rescue because the balance on the bill is $347.12 after payment by Humana.

I was not asked what ambulance company I would like to transport my son during this emergent event, I would also have not known what providers where in or out of network.  I dispute the remaining balance, ask that it be paid by Humana because of shared details.  

I also now request a list of ambulance companies that are in fact in network and accredited to handle emergencies of any kind to safely transport a patient to the hospital, as is the state certified and employed professionals with the Hillsborough County fire rescue.

thank you

Lisa Greenaker