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Humana Pharmacy formulary change?

Question asked by aka4121035381 on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by humadmin5

I take Montelukast for allergies and last purchased this from my local Walmart pharmacy. In January 2019, I received a message that I can receive a 90 days supply of Montelukast from Humana Pharmacy for free because it was considered a preventative maintenance medication. I attempted to create a Switch to Mail for Montelukast and it showed as no charge for 90 days supply, but never received my order.


Today, I logged into my Humana Pharmacy account and attempted another Switch to Mail for Montelukast. However this time I am seeing a charge for $12.99 for a 90 days supply.


Did our drug formulary change in middle of our plan year? Why am I seeing a charge for using Humana Pharmacy for Montelukast if it is considered a preventative maintenance medication on our formulary for 2019?