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HSA Claim from 2018 was applied to 2019 FSA and now both accounts are temp inactive

Question asked by Aka129212122372 on May 14, 2019

I am incredibly frustrated with adding an FSA in 2019. In 2018, I had $192.30 remaining on my HSA. I used it to pay the remaining due from a dental procedure in 2018.  But, the transaction for $167.50 was submitted by the provider in Jan 2019.  Humana split the payment having my HSA pay $37.50 of it and the remaining $130.00 applied to my 2019 FSA. I have called the spending team several times and received multiple answers...however what I don’t understand is WHY this transaction cannot be reviewed, and adjusted so that it is applied properly and ALL under my HSA? Now, BOTH my FSA and HSA are temp inactive until I pay myself back.  I have other medical bills piling up and cannot use my card.  I will NOT do another year with an FSA period.  I have submitted receipts/EOBS but apparently that is still not enough for anyone in that department to figure out.