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I received a letter from Humana asking for my social security number for the IRS form 1095-B. Is this legit?

Question asked by Aka51164836144 on Aug 9, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2019 by communitymanager

I got a letter on Humana stationery asking me to mail or fax my social security number to confirm 1095 info. This seems rather sketchy to me so I spoke with a Humana customer rep who said she was unsure if the letter is legit or not.


So please, can anyone answer the question: did/does Humana send out letters asking for SSN#s be mailed or faxed to them to confirm 1095-B status?


I'm 90% sure it's a scam, but the letter looks fairly authentic. And the fact that Humana can't give a definitive answer one way or the other just confuses things.


If it is a scam - Humana needs to alert its customers. If it's not a scam, Humana should do a better job of letting customers know it's legit.


If it is legit, I have these questions:

1. Humana has had my SSN for over 15 years now, why ask for it again now?

2. Humana had my SSN so that they could send a 1095-B last year - how could they misplace it in 6 months?

3. Why wouldn't Humana allow me to enter SSN on website?