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I have a charge from an out of network Physician, but my injury was treated at the ER and I did not have the choice of a physician. I am being charged the full amount but don't feel that I should be responsible as I would not have selected an Out of Netwo

Question asked by aka16595656476 on Aug 13, 2019
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I had a visit to my closest ER after an injury to my finger, but I am showing the physician who took care of me is Out of Network and I am being charged the full amount. If I knew that the ER physician was Out of Network, I would have NOT gone to that ER.  How can I have my insurance take another look at this charge to remedy the situation.  I do not feel I should be responsible for the full amount especially since it was an emergency and I went to the closest ER.  Never was I told the physician would be out of the network.