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ER visit. In network hospital-OON Dr

Question asked by Spunky45 on Nov 3, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2019 by communitymanager

I had incident happen on a Sunday and went to the immediate care center first to save myself and the insurance company on medical cost. I paid a $90 co-pay to be told I had kidney stones and was given a written order to go to ER immediately, which I did. My issue is my insurance card says my ER copay is $500 but my smart EOB and bill that came in the mail said otherwise. This one bill was over $900 due to the particular doctor on staff that night who saw me was OON. How is it I go to in network facility for emergency care, have no choice in the provider I see there but still get charged almost double? I work in the insurance field and know this should not happen. I have filed an appeal, but meanwhile I’ve now received my second notice on this $914 bill.