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How can my Humana coverage get reinstated - after my coverage ended by mistake?   Humana somehow was under the impression that I had moved -- I had not!! -- and ended my membership as of Oct 31, 2019.  I found this out when I was contacted by an associate

Question asked by 3voge3m4p5b3f1 on Nov 9, 2019
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Humana mistakenly thought I had moved -- to a location where they had no coverage -- and they ended my membership and benefits effective Oct. 31, 2019.  I had no idea this had happened until yesterday, when an associate of the primary care doctor I've been going to for years  - and where I have a routine annual physical exam scheduled for next Wednesday -- called and alerted me that when they submitted a claim for this upcoming exam they were told I no longer was a Humana member.   When I subsequently called Humana to find out what had happended and to have my coverage reinstated, I was told Humana thought I had moved -- I had not!!    My phone call experience with Humana was less than stellar -- first, I was transferred to five or six people -- each of which began by telling me they had no idea why Humana thought I was no longer living in my primary address -- and each of which indicated that reinstating me should be easy to do -- but none of them could do it - -they kept switching me to other Humana employees.  The last of these, I thought, finally was someone who could reinstate me, but after about 30 seconds of our phone conversation, we got cut off.   Since all the Humana people asked me, "If we get cut off, is (your home phone number) a good way we can reach you to resume the conversation? -- and said "Yes," -- one would think someone would have called me back -- but I got no phone call. I plan on calling Humana again Monday morning and hopefully my experience will not be the same as it was yesterday.