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Confusion about whether dental implants are covered?

Question asked by Aka221111261160 on Nov 21, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2019 by humadmin5

Hello - I am planning to go to Costa Rica for dental work that will include 6 individual implants and trying to find out what is covered.  I found the following  paragraph regarding implants but need a translation


Major/Prosthodontic services

8. Implant related services, subject to clinical review. Dental implant prosthetics including implant supported crowns, bridges, complete dentures or partial dentures. Implant supported complete or partial dentures are limited to a maximum of one every five years. All other services limited to a maximum of one every five years. Implant prosthetics noted above will be payable at the same level of benefits as the corresponding non-implant prosthetic. You will be responsible for the remaining expense incurred.


First I cannot find the definition of “clinical review”.  Does this mean pre-approval?  And it says one every 5 years for partial or complete dentures, then it says one every 5 years for all other services, does this mean they will cover only one implant or one complete set of dentures?  And finally, if Humana does not cover implants, is there another covered option to replace individual teeth?

Thank you!