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FSA Reimbursement Request - How to understand the status?

Question asked by Aka189142741875 on Dec 18, 2019
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I have several transactions which I paid out-of-pocket without using my Humana spending account card. I can see the list by looking at  Claims-->Claim Activity and checking the Action Needed filter:


These items have a button labeled Request Reimbursement


When I click that button it brings up a dialog which auto-populates all of the data and says the following:

Good news. You do not need to attach a receipt since this claim was loaded by your carrier.


When I click OK on that dialog and check the Transactions tab for that claim, it show up in the Denied category:


Prior to this year, it was very easy to submit a reimbursement request by email. This has been very frustrating - I've called three times and no one's instructions seem to work. Can you please give me some direction?