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Why did my toddlers peanut allergy test get denied?

Question asked by Aka121210385842 on Dec 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2020 by communitymanager

My toddlers has a peanut allergy and her dr tested her for a second time through bloodwork, after she turned two, to determine if she had outgrown the allergy or not, and Humana denied the necessary test. This happened the first time when they tested her also, but after the lab resubmitted it Humana paid. This time they did not. I am so frustrated to have to go through the appeals process yet again for something that humana has paid in the past. I have yet to figure out why they are so hot and cold, you never get the same answer twice, and the claims person who i talked to to see why it was denied, could not have been less interested in helping me. She also promised to call the lab to check in to the issue, and call me back, and that never happened either. I am at my wits end with humana, this is not the first time that humana has denied a claim for a service that they paid in the past. I just don't understand. Please help.