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I feel like my medical provider Dr Don Stevens has been taking advantage of my insurance milking me yearly for the last 9 years over a cancer scare in which it turned out to be nothing but a prescription I was taking and is a very popular OTC medicine for

Question asked by aka301211524584 on Jan 16, 2020
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I have been seeing Dr Stevens for a cancer scare which had me a sick nervous mess in which I had to seek psychiatric help.  (Also in Dr Stevens office)   I had them tracking my Serotonin and Chromogranin A as the Carcinoid Cancer they thought I had would cause these numbers to elevate very high. While I struggled with Serotonin levels being extremely low my Chromogranin A was above normal.  For 9 years I had scans and test run causing me a financial disaster.  After going to see a specialist in Lexington KY it was determined that it was a stomach medicine I had been taking called Omeprazole. A very commonly used medicine for stomach acid.  I feel Dr Stevens should have known what the cause was by reviewing my meds but diagnosing my problem would keep lining his pockets. I’m furious he didn’t discover this for so long and abused my insurance as well as giving me a mental break down. Please let me know what I can do to pursue this investigation.