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Dental Office Surprised Me With a Deep Cleaning

Question asked by aka261151549897 on Jan 26, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2020 by communitymanager

Hi - I received an EOB from an appointment dated 12/26/19 for an exam for $78.  I never saw the dentist that date.  I was scheduled for a cleaning that day.  I went in for a cleaning and they advised me it would be a deep cleaning.  In August 2019 when I went in for a cleaning and checkup with the hygienist she told me she would assess me at my NEXT cleaning for a deep cleaning.  I never received a dental plan for price and time.  When I went to my appointment on 12/26 I then found out it was to be a deep cleaning.  I reminded the hygienist of our conversation in August and she said well let me look at at your teeth now.  Her exam took at most 5 minutes. She then said I needed a deep cleaning.  I refused the deep cleaning for I was never given a dental plan.


I don't think there should be a charge for the 12/26/19 exam because it was a "surprise deep cleaning" to which I had no knowledge of.  A deep cleaning should never be a surprise because there are enough dental surprises anyways.  I also plan to go to another dental office, a more ethical office in Feb or March and I need that covered by dental insurance.  If another office deems I need a deep cleaning and provides me with a dental plan, so be it and I will be prepared in advance.