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Can HSA contributions be changed during a plan year?

Question asked by Aka671421111 on Feb 7, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by Aka671421111

I intentionally or unintentionally (not sure) waived my HSA contributions from the 2020 open enrollment. contributions on my weekly paycheck this year, unlike past years where I always participated.  Because of that, HR apparently termed me for HSA benefit eligibility. This caused my HumanaAccess account to be shut down and the HSA balance moved directly over to UMB on 1/22/2020. A new UMB HSA benefit card issued to me. The HumanaAccess card no longer works.


QUESTION:  Can I start contributing to HSA again during the 2020 plan year?  Or do I have to wait for the next open enrollment for the 2021 plan year?


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