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Question about pharmacy prescription stage and deductibles.

Question asked by aka5112413110 on Feb 13, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2020 by communitymanager

I'm new to the Humana Medicare Advantage Plan.  So far, my only activity has been to fill three prescriptions, two for 90 day supply and one for 30 day supply. I paid $73.48 total for the prescriptions. The Humana website shows what seems to be conflicting information concerning these prescriptions. The Deductible and maximum out of pocket summary shows that I have total billed charges of $73.48 and that I am in stage 2 of 3. However, the Prescription Stage and Payment screen says that I'm in stage 1 of 4 with $0 met of the first stage $75. I called them, but I received two different answers... one agent said everything was fine, the other said that tier 1 drugs did not apply to the deductible. I'm confused and just trying to determine if everything is OK on my account. Can someone clarify this for me?