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when are Pathology tests not 100% for preventative?

Question asked by Aka13111384855 on Feb 24, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2020 by communitymanager

Had Pathology done on polys removed during colonoscopy. This was done at an In-Network facility but I just received EOB and the amount is going to my deductible and I have to pay it.  Why is this not 100%  covered?  Am I reading the below info incorrectly on my plan details?  I assumed diagnostic labs were 100% for this.


Diagnostic Lab

  • Co-Insurance 100.00%
  • Deductible Individual Includes Mra/Pet/Spect $1500.00
  • Co-Insurance Individual Includes Mra/Pet/Spect 80.00%
  • Co-Insurance Pap Smear 100.00%
  • Co-Insurance Preventive 100.00%
  • Co-Insurance Prostate Screening 100.00%