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Laboratory Charges

Question asked by Aka71271346392 on Jun 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2020 by humadmin5

Curious that I go to a Facey MD as per My contracted list of MDs (In Network). One MD orders Laboratory levels for a medicine I am taking plus two additional tests to identify potential harmful side effects of this medicine. This is NOT Rocket Science OK? As a Retired RN I am familiar with these quantifiable exams. Now comes the "Curious" part! How is it that ALL Three blood tests (According to Quest Diagnostics, Located inside the Facey Medical Building) were Denied by Admin Concepts!? Whomever that is?! Lets take a step back! OK? I am a MEDICARE PATIENT! Who has assigned all his Part A & B Benifits to YOU....HUMANA! So the question is Why am I being Denied? And Next Why does Humana NOT pick up at least a portion of this Laboratory Expense? I cannot afford the $176.00 that Quest is asking from me! Date of Service was 03/27/2020.  MD was XXXXXXXXXX Can anyone please clear this fiasco up?