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I need a phone number to talk to a supervisor or manager about a issue that I am gettin no results from the reps. I faxed a COCC letter to the billing dept. They have the information to resolve this issue and are not doing any thing about it....

Question asked by sandypena on Jul 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by communitymanager

I had insurance through Mediview which was termed on 12/31/2019. I had some lab work done on 04/12/2020 and Humana won't pay for it because they say I still have insurance through Mediview. I faxed a COCC letter to the billing dept. on June 6th with all the information they need to resolve this issue. I never heard any thing back from Humana so when I called to find out what the status is, I was told that they called Mediview and was told that I was still active. I called Mediview and they said that their system says no, I am not active and have not been since 12/31/2019. Mediview also told me that they do not show a call from Humana on their call log since last September 2019. I feel like Humana should have taken this a step further and investigated this matter since they have the information on the COCC letter to resolve this issue instead of just letting it go and not notifying me about what they were told. This is very poor customer service.... My case no. is 1000142186196 and it is about my account, not my husband who I think they are confusing it with...      Sandra Pena