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How can I report lousy service?

Question asked by aka16126225322 on Jul 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2020 by humadmin5

I had an appointment scheduled for noon for an in home assessment.  When I had not heard from anyone by 12:20 I called the 800 number.  No one was available I had to leave a call back number.  I did son, and finally at 12:26 I received a call from the assessment person (Betina?  something like that) telling me she was late.  She assured me she would be there by 12:43.  I then received a phone call back from the 800#, and this person simply would not let me speak without interrupting me.  Finally I asked if I could now speak without being interrupted, and he said yes.  I could not finish my first sentence before he interrupted me again, at which point I informed him I had no intention of continuing to attempt a conversation with someone who had no interest in letting me speak, and I hung up.  The assessment person finally showed up at my house at 12:46, at which point I informed her that I no longer had time for her, as she had shown she would be late and not let me know anything.  As she walked away she said "For two minutes", so I pointed out to her it was actually 48 minutes.  I really don't understand the purpose of the assessment, but I do understand common courtesy.  I will be happy to reschedule this, but I need to be sure that the appointment will occur as scheduled, or that I will be notified in a timely fashion of any need to reschedule.  I do not wish to simply wait until someone else decides they can finally fit me into their schedule.  Nor do I wish to have conversations with people who won't let me speak, or who make remarks while they walk away from me.