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What is the best telehealth code or icd10 modifier to use for behavorial health etc to be covered?

Question asked by aka105174831198 on Sep 28, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2020 by communitymanager

So it's not related to covid. On it shows my provider used code 90791 or Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation. Does a Modifier code of 95 or GT need to be added to specify telehealth? When I call humana line on my card no one seems to have any information on coding, but when provider submit wrong code then my claim isn't paid. Just a little frustrating trying to figure this out. I was under the impression that behavioral service deductibles would be waved for remainder of 2020 based on this link:





I trying to have my telehealth session with counselor rebilled and fully covered. I would like the specific code to give so my provider and rebill with issues.