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How can I get help finding out what my options are to resolve this mess?

Question asked by aka510165250961 on Oct 17, 2020
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I need to explore my options to avoid another surgery on my neck. I had C4,5 and 6 fused in September 2019. I've been going to PT for awhile and they have done a fantastic job, however I need massage therapy or something else to continue to avoid  another surgery to fuse C3 also.  I can be done with PT and avoid surgery if I can get massage therapy and regular physical fitness. There used to be a "call a nurse" feature of my insurance. That would be helpful right now but I cannot find that or any other relevant options on the website now. I remember as "Silver Sneakers", a program at the Y or somewhere to maintain core strength to help maintain what we've accomplished in PT.maintaining my core strength is crucial to avoiding another surgery.


Where did all the resources go? How can I contact Humana?